The Caring path was the Second Path after the Pirate path

Lore Edit

A kingdom in the Heavens where the Care Bears lived. but one day the war shook the earth. They sent a pack of heroes to suppress it. when they end war they live in or not?????

Paths Edit

Nelvana Path Edit

  1. Caring for Team- Participate at least 3 teamfights
  2. What have you've done to Champ???= Surprise to Begin a teamfight 4/5/6 times.
  3. Beastly's Cheating- Stun the Enemy and get a kill at least 4/5/6 times
  4. No Heart's Amulet- Purchase Dagon level 5 and Veil of Discord before the timer reaches 45:00
  5. Shreek of Pain- Get at least 400/500/600 damage using Sonic wave or Scream of Pain

Adventures for Care A Lot Path Edit

  1. Dare Bears= Purchase boots of travel before the Timer reaches 30:00/45:00/50:00
  2. Belly Badge is dead- as Cubby get at least 3 kills using assasinate
  3. Dragon Knight Bedtime= As Bedtime Purchase bloodthorn before the timer reaches 40:00
  4. You're Lucky- Predict and win a game
  5. Cheer's Lasso- Get at least 3 hooks using Meat Hook and Steal 400/600/1000 damage using Static Link.
  6. Night Shift= Purchase Moon Shard before the timer reaches 45:00
  7. Lucks upon you= predict and win at least 5 games
  8. Commend Me!= Get at least 2 commends after a match
  9. Floating Attack!- As captain hook purchase Scepter before the time reaches 45:00/50:00
  10. Arcana Challenge: Funshine's Idea.- Get at least 15 kills as Luna

Caring Arcane Challenge Edit

  1. Welcome to Care-a-lot= Get level 5
  2. Floating Set= Get a Godlike as Anti Mage: reward: Golden Hammer Bashers
  3. Tender's Support= Purchase Guardian Greaves before the Timer sets at 30:00/40:00/50:00
  4. Fall is Coming= Win a match as Underlord
  5. Caring Force Assembled!= Pick and Win at Least 3 Matches as