This is the Fanon set for the year end of the 2017 for it

Consists Edit

The Treasure Consists of

  • Abbadon- Frosted Frostmourne
  • Alchemist- Antonius and Bracus's Millbrew
  • Anti-Mage- Rubble's Shovel Bashers
  • Lone Druid- Snowbear Guardian
  • Axe- Icewrack Guard Blade
  • Brewmaster-Mo's Keg
  • Tusk-Wally the Paw Walrus
  • Bristleback- WarRunners Charge
  • Pangolier-Musket of the Old Eras
  • Monkey King-Wanderer of the Chinese Empire
  • Earthshaker-Guardian of the Nishai Mountains
  • Legion Commander-
  • Sniper-Marshall's Water Cannon
  • Zeus-King of Puplantis
  • Invoker- Paw Patrol Mage
  • Rare: Lycanthrope: Chase the Wolf Pup
  • Very Rare: Chen: Desert Wanderer
  • Ultra Rare: Naga Siren- Mer-Pup Queen