This is the first fanon pack of the 2017.

Lore Edit

It all began when Rubble digs at the backyard on the Lookout. and sees a Treasure chest. Rubble called the Paw Patrol, Horatio, Danny and Apollo. when the held paws and hands to open the chest the warhammer bestow the power of a Gladiator.

Item Sets Edit

  1. Ryder the Dragon Knight- Medieval Knight of the Dark Ages
  2. Chase the Spirit Breaker- Charger of the Dark Planes
  3. Marshall the Warlock- Mentor of the Fire Crucible
  4. Skye the Fire Slayer- Pyrotechnic Princess
  5. Rocky the Nature's Prophet- Forest Guardian
  6. Zuma the Admiral- PIrate's Shawl and Echo Sabre
  7. Everest the Winter Wyvern- Crown of the Blueheart Glacier
  8. Tracker the Bounty Hunter- Jungle's Jinda Blade
  9. Rubble the EarthShaker- The Construction Man's Totem
  10. Apollo the Storm Spirit- Superhero of the ThunderKingdom
  11. Cap'n Turbot the Tinker- Biologist of the Warcraft
  12. Danny the Goblin Techies- Daredevil X