This is a yudhaikeledai Inspired Treasure. Credit to the original too.

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When the Equestrian Universe is called to answer. they geared themselves up and heads into the Battle. facing as the Radiant or Dire. the Battle will be tense and cool.

Hero SetsEdit

  1. Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle the Techies= Pony Cannon 3000
  2. Surprise the Tinker= Boush's Modified Cannons and beacon
  3. Rarity the Templar Assassin= Fashionista's Psionic Daggers
  4. Applejack the Beastmaster= Applewood Axes
  5. Rainbow Dash the Storm Spirit= The Blue Lightning
  6. Sunset Shimmer the Warlock= The Wyrmwuth Guardian
  7. Fluttershy the Enchantress= Spear of the Evergreen Wisps
  8. Cadance the Holy Knight= Vestments of the holy monk
  9. Princess Luna the Moon Rider= Lucent Nightrider
  10. Steven the Tidehunter= Maelwarn's Anchor of despair
  11. Big Macintosh the earthShaker= Tauren Totem
  12. Shining Armor the Omniknight= Vestments of the Silver Hand
  13. Rare:Spike the Dragon Knight=
  14. Very Rare:
  15. Ultra Rare:
  16. Immortal:
  17. Arcane: