This is a Item Chest for the Following

Lore Edit

IT all begins in a usual day on Shelter Seventeen where Olaf Receives the Packages and puts it on the Shelter area. Luck managed to get it. and shows the Pound puppies their warrior gear and decides to travel into the world where the Battle of the Ancients takes place along with their Friends and Adoptees to adapt. once a pound puppy, always a pound puppy.

Item Sets Edit

  1. Lucky the Sacred warrior- Spear of the Aztec Prizoners
  2. Niblet the Stone Giant- Sheepdog's True Form
  3. Antonio the Pangolier- Dante's Silver Musket
  4. Dot the Enchantress- Princess of Nature
  5. Pupster the Holy Knight- Mount and Warrior of the Sacred Hand
  6. Cookie the Dark Willow- Crested Mage of Shendalezere
  7. Quintuplets the Genomancer- Miner of the Pound Puppies.
  8. Puddles the Morphling- Cratered Aura
  9. Rare: Jackpot the Bounty Hunter- Scottish Trump Warrior
  10. Very Rare: Tundra the Crystal Maiden- Wolfpup Aiden
  11. Ultra Rare: Lucky the Sacred Warrior- Flaming Spear and Sickle of the Aztec Prisoners