Mickey the Invoker is the Dire Intelligence hero

About Edit

Lore Edit

A mouse who is wishing power from Kael. as he wears his master's Sorcerer hat. he never removed it but when his Master found out he was banished and now he mastered arcanery skills in creating spells.

Skill sets Edit

Creating Edit

  1. Quas
  2. Wex
  3. Exort
  4. Spell Forge

Spell outformed Edit

  1. EMP-WWW
  2. Tornado-WWQ
  3. Shadow Walk- QQW
  4. Arcane Blast- QWE
  5. Mickey Dive= EEW
  6. Shiverjack's wall= QQE
  7. Cold snap= QQQ
  8. Fire Sprite= EEQ
  9. Solar Beam= EEE
  10. Aclarity-WWE