The Path to pirate is a fan path if you play dota

Lore Edit

At Neverland the civil war reaches the Pirate Island. the Never League of Pirate Captains assembles as Both Factions fight for the aegis.

Paths Edit

Season 1= Captain Jake's Alliance Edit

This path focuses at the offensive rate.

  1. Stunned!= Stun and kill at least 5 enemies at one match
  2. Jake and Kunkka are One- Cleave at least 6 creep waves using tidebringer or battlefury.
  3. The Ancient defended!- Win at least 2 all pick or single draft matches
  4. The Trojan Rampage!= Get a rampage as Lifestealer and your ally as Beatrice Le Beak
  5. Winter Jake Set- as Kunkka buy battlefury before the Game Timer sets at 35:00

Season 2= Izzy's GameplayEdit

This path learned about Support

  1. Pixie Dust Away!- Construct Mekansm before the timer reaches 30:00
  2. Busted- Kill Phantom Assasin 2 times at one match
  3. Honorary Princess goes to the war- Get 1 win as Mirana
  4. Low on Pixie Dust- Get yourself out of the combat zone while your mana is empty
  5. Surprise!- Kill at least 3 enemies as Crystal Maiden

Season 3= Cubby's Sniping Course Edit

  1. Run and Gun= Purchase Phase boots as sniper before the game timer hits at 20:00
  2. King Cubby= Purchase Necronomicon before the Timer Reaches 40:00
  3. Base Defender=Defend and keep your base intact for Before the timer reaches 40:00, 45:00
  4. Defend a Carry= Babysit the Carry hero for at least 5 minutes
  5. All-Star Player!- Get the highest kill in one match

Path To a Never Land Captain Edit

  1. Armor Basher- if Purchase Skull Basher and kill at least 4 enemies as Fathom
  2. The Alliance Completed= Finish at least 3 games without Disconnecting or Abandoned
  3. Mighty Captain Sword= At the Endgame Purchase 3 Divine Rapiers
  4. Snakes on Deck!= Deny 3 creeps waves.
  5. Captain Completed= Win at least one match as in order- Frost the Tusk, Flynn the Sand King, Beatrice the Phantom Assasin, Jake the Admiral and Raigor Stonehook the EarthShaker

Season 4= The Pirate Legion Forms Edit

  1. Buccaneers Assemble!= Get at least 3/4/15 assist as Musketeer Mickey.
  2. The Golden Rapier= Purchase Divine Rapier before the timer reaches 45:00/50:00/60:00