The Winter path is a fanon path in honor of Kiev Major


Perspective View I- Paw Patrol Edit

The Paw Patrol, Carlos, Jake, Capn Turbot and Alex Porter goes to the Adventure Bay Museum. as they explore there Ryder sees a Letter. When Jake, Capn Turbot, Alex and the Pups sees Ryder they read "You found the First Piece of the Winter Battle Piece. Travel to Kiev, Ukraine and Link with Other Pieces to see the Treasure." In haste they will Go To Kiev, Ukraine.

Perspective View II- Jake and the Neverland Pirates Edit

At the NeverSeas Captain Jake and his Mateys are cruising over the sea until he sees a glowing Object on the Rock of Sareva. and as they see it The other Captains arrived including the Villains. When they reach the Rock a Note is Shown. "Head for Kiev, Meet with your friends who found the Winter Battle Chip." they ride on a Migthty Collosus and sails for Kiev.

Perspective View III- Care Bears Edit

At Care-a-lot during the Cleaning day on the Lighthouse Tenderheart sees the note with a Chip. when Wonderheart bear, Cheer, Funshine, Harmony and Grumpy sees Tenderheart read a note. they read "You found the third path and the battle chip that leads for Kiev, Unite with the persons who get the chips." they contacted Brave heart lion to ride the cloud clipper and Fly towards Kiev

The Arrival of Heroes Edit

When the Paw Patrol, Jake and his Crew and the Care Bears arrived at Kiev. When they met Tenderheart, Ryder and Jake holding the Paper and the Battlechips. They Chips glowed an a path and the treasure is opened for the 3 leaders and its allies. for opening the Kiev Major

Paths Edit

Paw Patrol= Skrimisher Edit

  1. Ryder kill!= Get a killing spree, Dominating, Mega-Kill
  2. Group Wipeouts!= Get a Rampage twice
  3. Don't Lose it, Reuse it=Recover 5000 health for the allies
  4. A Hootie Assistance-Get 4/5/6 assist as Luna, Night Stalker
  5. No Treats for You!= Stop at least 2 enemies regenarating health
  6. Double Kill and Again= Across 5 victories. Get 2/4/6 Double Kills
  7. Storm of Sunder!= Do 2000/4000/5000 Chain lightning damage using Maelstorm or Mjolnir
  8. Lookout!= Across multiple victories. Destroy 10/20/30 Shrines
  9. Path of Item Ace= Purchase Silver Edge, Maelstorm, Echo Sabre at one game
  10. Mana Void and Burn- Damage 2/3/4 enemies using Mana void and Burn 2000/4000/5000 mana on enemies as Anti-mage
  • Reward= Paw Patrol's Fervent Conscript

Jake and the Neverland Pirates= Paragon Edit

  1. Dubloon Looter= Get 300/400/500 last hits
  2. Golden Spender- Spend 2000/3000/5000 on Support Items