This is a Treasure Bundle based on Yokai Watch.

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Lore Edit

At the Yokai Temple. Nathan, Jibanyan and Whisper discovers a box for them. suddenly Nate's watch begins to Glow. and later Nate's yokai medals summons from his pocket and begins to put inside the Box. and as they opened the box. They summoned heroes with their amazing new armor and Nathaniel Adams along with his Yokai Allies. to help defeat the Wicked and Evil Yokai and heroes and Embarks on a Deadly Battle

Types Edit

Yo-kai Medal 1 Edit

  • Omniknight- Nathan's Mallet
  • Chen- The Wandered Yokai Hunter
  • Dark Seer- Wicked Yokai General
  • Tiny- Speed Mountain
  • MIrana- Guardian of the Yokai Temple
  • Slark-Akaname's Scythe
  • Legion Commander-Blades of Voth Domosh
  • Ursa-Jibanyan's Fury Claws

Yo-kai Medal 2 Edit

  • Monkey King- Lord Enma's Fire Blade
  • Ember Spirit-Nathaniel Adam's Fire Clubs
  • Earthshaker-Yokai TOtem
  • Anti-Mage- Blazion's FireSabers
  • Sniper-Nathan's Yo-kai Blaster
  • Invoker-Dame Dedtime's Magical Orbs
  • Pugna-Dame Dedtime
  • Juggernaut-Shogunyan's Master Sabre